Guided Hunts

Our professional staff and fine kennel of hunting dogs are at your disposal.

At present, we use Pointers & English Setters for our guided hunts.

The half-day hunt includes a reasonable chance to harvest 12 birds. Extra birds can be harvested for an additional fee. All harvested birds are cleaned and iced for each hunter. Morning and afternoon hunts can be sceduled for your convenience. (Lunch included)

Rates for full-day hunts are available for a minimum of two hunters -- lunch is included. Refreshments are available in the field for all guided hunts. Tipping of guide is customary.

Self-Guided Hunts (Your Dog)

If you want to hunt with your own dog(s),

we have prime hunting terrain and flight-conditioned quail available.

Rates for self-guided hunts include the chance to harvest 12 birds. Extra birds can be harvested for an additional fee.

Annual membership fee required for self-guided hunts.

We welcome you and look forward to your shooting skills improving at our state of the art facility.

Continental Pheasant Hunt

We release 250 birds for a minimum of 10 shooters, maximum of 20 shooters.

Throughout the hunting season, Taylor Creek organizes Continental Pheasant Shoots, an activity that offers high volume shooting that is perfect for a corporate outing or entertaining guests.

In naturally-populated environments, the bird makes a distinct noise and flies straight up when alarmed. A continental pheasant hunt uses a concealed platform to emulate the natural flush of the bird.

Here's How It's Done:
During a pheasant hunt, participants (in pairs) occupy one of 12 stations located in a circle approximately 150 yards from a 60-foot tower. The stations are situated approximately 50-60 yards apart. The shooting round begins when a signal is given from the tower. All guns are to remain unloaded until the signal is given. Once the pheasants for that shooting round have been released, and the downed birds are retrieved, another signal will be given to end the shooting round. Hunters unload their guns, and rotate clockwise to the next shooting station; no shooting is allowed while rotating stations. Once each pair of hunters has arrived at the next station, another signal is given and the next shooting round will begin. The shoot continues in this manner until each pair of hunters has visited all stations.



    Min. 2 hunters 12 bird privilege, lunch is included.$165.00 per gun

    Min. 2 hunters 24 bird privilege, lunch is included.$300.00 per gun

    *Warm up targets optional 9:00 - 11:30, 1:30 - 4:00.

    *All hunts include lunch, transportation, bird packaging, guides, (tipping of guides is customary) dogs, refreshments in the field, and full bar access for your hunting enjoyment!


    Membership is required. Minimum of 10 birds per hunter (lunch is available for purchase upon your request)
    $500.00 per year
    $7.00 per bird released

    20 shooters (catered lunch, beverages, cleaning, packaging, retrieviing dogs & transportation)

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